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An adult smoking amusement where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

​Shinbashi Shisha Bar & Lounge Yuenchi

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At Yuuenchi, our skilled staff aim to provide first-class hospitality with shisha and cocktails, in the hopes that you will feel your valuable time spent here is well worth it. Whether you want to relax alone, have a slow conversation with someone important, or have fun with friends you can trust, Yuuenchi eagerly awaits your visit at any time.


Suggestions from Yuenchi

At Yuuenchi, we offer eight original menus tailored to our concept. We also have original cocktails dedicated to each. Enjoy the flavor that comes to fruition when you smoke shisha after drinking a cocktail - a pairing that Yuuenchi takes pride in.


Usage fee


Our pricing system varies depending on the time of day. We offer both cafe time and bar time, so you can use our services according to your lifestyle.

Enjoy Yuuenchi's shisha with a cup of coffee or a cocktail.



What is shisha?


While shisha has become a hot topic on social media in recent years, we understand that many people may not know what it is. At Yuuenchi, we offer detailed explanations to ensure that even those trying shisha for the first time can visit with peace of mind. If you are not familiar with shisha, please visit us at least once and experience its charm for yourself.



4-11-5 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Le Glacier Bldg.41 4F

TEL: 03-6450-1396

5-minute walk from Shimbashi Station Karasumori Exit


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