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Recommendations from our establishment

At our establishment, we offer 8 original menus tailored to our concept. In addition, we have unique cocktails available for each. After drinking the cocktail and then smoking the shisha, you will find the flavor complete - this is a pairing that we are proud of at our lounge. Please enjoy.

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What is pairing?

At Yuuenchi, we propose a 'pairing' that allows you to enjoy shisha and cocktails together.

We make cocktails to match the scent of shisha, allowing the two to complement each other and be tasted as a greater attraction. For example, a refreshing cocktail is paired with a sweet shisha, and a cocktail with similar flavors is paired with a fruity shisha. There are various ways to enjoy this pairing.

Pairing is the magic that turns
1+1 into 10.

Limited Pairing Menu

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Pirate of Malibu

Waltz on the Ship

The "Pirate of Malibu", which imagines a tropical drink, is paired with the scent of the sea from Irish whiskey to make you feel more like you're in the tropics.

Snow White's
Apple Pie​

The Awakening from the Long Sleep

Pair the rich sweetness of Snow White's Apple Pie with the sweetness of premium chocolate and the deep aroma of tea liqueur.

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Alice's Tea Party

The beginning of
a small world

The mellow and gentle sweetness of Alice's Tea Party is richly flavored with a slightly bitter and fruity cocktail.

Including those introduced, we have prepared 8 types of original pairing menus.

Also, we propose a pairing cocktail that goes well with the shisha tailored to the customer's preference

Please visit our store and see for yourself the charm of the "pairing" recommended by Yuenchi.

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