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What is Shisha?​

Shisha, also known as 'water tobacco,' is a product originating from the Middle East, which has recently gained attention, particularly among young people.

The smoke passes through water, washing away nicotine and tar, resulting in a milder and silkier smoke texture than regular tobacco.

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Structure of Shisha

"1) Place the heated coal in the heat management on top of the bowl filled with flavor, and steam to produce smoke.

By smoking when the flavor is thoroughly steamed, the smoke follows the arrows in the image, passing through 3) Stem → 4) Water → 5) Bottle → 6) Hose → 7) Handle, and is delivered into your mouth.

The smoke passing through the water has the effect of filtering nicotine and tar, and lowering the temperature of the smoke itself.

Charm of Shisha​


Relaxation Effect

You can enjoy shisha for about two hours per unit. Because you smoke it as if you are taking slow, deep breaths, it is expected to have a relaxing effect and improve stress. Many people use it for reading or taking a break. At the same time, the use of shisha to enhance concentration, as in a co-working space, is also increasing.


Abundant Flavor

The flavors used in shisha are very diverse, with over 100 varieties available just at Yuuenchi. Many non-nicotine flavors are made from fruits or tea leaves, and these can be mixed in various combinations, which ensures that you will always find a flavor to suit your taste. This is one of the attractions of shisha.


As a Communication Tool


Sharing shisha with someone else is also one of the pleasures. Whether you're sharing a single shisha and savoring the same flavor, or each ordering one and comparing the differences, it makes for an excellent communication tool. It is enjoyed for various purposes, such as dates or as a second party venue.

How to Smoke Shisha


Like Taking a Deep Breath

You smoke shisha like you're taking a deep breath. The smoke goes into your lungs, so try to inhale deeply and slowly.

Open Your Mouth Wide​

If you want to exhale more smoke, try opening your mouth wider when you exhale. The wider the outlet for the smoke, the more dense smoke you can exhale.

Exhale Slowly

If you exhale too forcefully, you may cough. Try exhaling as slowly as possible, allowing the smoke to graze your face. With shisha, you will experience a stronger flavor as you exhale, so by exhaling slowly, you will be able to savor the taste more deliciously.


While shisha can be thoroughly enjoyed on its own, at our establishment, we propose a 'pairing' of shisha with cocktails. Why not experience a world beyond that which can be tasted by shisha alone?

To further enhance
your enjoyment of shisha...

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