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An extraordinary experience that makes you forget the busyness of everyday life.​

If you're feeling tired from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we invite you to come to Yuuenchi. We are committed to three principles to make your relaxing moments even better. Please visit us at Yuuenchi.


An adult amusement park where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the smoke.

At Yuuenchi, we offer original cocktails tailored to high-end shisha. The charm of 'two completely different things harmonizing and creating something new' - we invite you to experience this allure for yourself. We provide a luxurious time in the ever-changing night of Shimbashi.

Three Commitments


Commitment to Shisha

At Yuuenchi, we set strict standards for our shisha techniques to continually provide high-quality shisha.

We also strive to make shisha tailored to each individual customer. After carefully hearing your preferences, we make a one-of-a-kind shisha just for you, which you can enjoy.


Commitment to Drinks


We have a particular commitment to the way our drinks are made to ensure that each one can be enjoyed to its fullest.

Also, we will propose the perfect cocktail for you to enjoy with your ordered shisha. When you smoke shisha after drinking, it completes the flavor, providing a new way to enjoy shisha that you can appreciate.

Commitment to Space


Our shop, designed by a first-class architect, is set with dim lighting to ensure our customers can relax.

We have installed a Yoshii9 sound realizer for our audio equipment, so it does not interfere with people's voices, allowing you to enjoy conversation without being disturbed by noise.

Please experience the extraordinary feeling of being in a shop where the smoke is illuminated by neon, listening to high-quality music.

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